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Holy Masses and Services in our Parish: (Karusselli 27)
Beloved brothers

Today, the ER government has decided to allow open worship in churches starting May 10 with certain conditions. This is a great joy for all Catholics and a great relief. I ask you to prepare for the Mass to be held this Sunday. Please also consider:

– it is important that the safety rules apply (first of all, the 2 + 2 rule), without exception. This is our moral obligation arising from the 5th commandment, “Do not kill,” so as not to endanger human lives. It is important to comply on the spot so that the rules are respected and offer to leave someone to the church if the number of those present exceeds the maximum number.

– these rules (usually 2 + 2) mean that. quite possibly a smaller number will be able to participate simultaneously in the Mass. I ask you to try to have enough Mass, so that everyone can participate in them. Perhaps this requires organizing more Mass than usual. However, I am sure that now, when people could not participate in the Mass for a long time, it would be pleasing to God

+ Bishop Philip


Thursday 6:00 pm Holy Mass in Estonian
Friday 3:00 pm Holy Mass in Polish
Saturday 6:00 pm Holy Mass in Estonian
Sunday 11:00 am Holy Mass in Estonian

Let us pray for everyone who suffers from coronavirus and for everyone who cares for the sick!

Prayer times:

– Chapel open 5:30 pm – 8pm

– Chapel open 2:30 pm-5pm

– Chapel open 5:30 pm – 7pm

– Chapel open 10am – 4pm